Summer Village of South View
Box 8, Alberta Beach, AB, T0E 0A0  Office Location: 4808-51 Street Onoway, AB
P:587-873-5765 F:780-967-0431


Summer Village Information

Next Regular Council Meetings

-Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

Meetings are held in the Town of Onoway Council Chambers located at 4812-51 Street, Onoway, Alberta.

Summer Village Information
The Summer Village of South View was incorporated on January 1st, 1970 and spans a land area of 29 hectares. The Summer Village is located on the shores of Lake Isle. The 2016 Population is 67.  South View has a 3-member Council whose term currently runs until 2017.

Commission Memberships
The Summer Village of South View is a member of the following commissions:
-Highway 43 East Waste
-Darwell Lagoon

Fire Ban Information
The Summer Village of South View keeps a partial fire ban on year-round to control the way fires are maintained and to protect the Summer Village and the residents.  Always check the fire ban signs at the entrances to the Summer Village.  A full ban means no fires with the exception of propane barbeques.  Please be vigilant concerning this.  
Link to Alberta Fire Ban website.

Peace Officer / Bylaw Enforcement / Animal Control New Complaint Line
The Summer Village has entered into an agreement with Town of Mayerthorpe for Peace Officer Services.  Residents are to call the Complaint Line directly for Peace Officer,  Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control Services.

Complaint Line - 1-844-786-4650 or 1-780-786-4650
Complaint Email -
Contact - Peace Officer, Dwight Dawn

Administration Contact Information
C.A.O. / General Administration
587-873-5765 f. 780-967-0431
Box 8, Alberta Beach, AB  T0E 0A0

Assessor  Dan Kanuka 780-939-3310

Development Officer  Diane Burtnick 780-284-0410 
Mailing Address:  Box 8  Alberta Beach, AB  T0E 0A0
(to access a printable Development Permit Application or request for Letter of Compliance, please go to the "Documents" section of this site)

Building/Electrical/Gas/Plumbing Permits: 
Superior Safety Codes

Call Before you Dig 1-800-242-3447

Peace Officer/Animal Control/Bylaw Enforcement
1-844-786-4650 or 1-780-786-4650
Dwight Dawn, Community Peace Officer

R.C.M.P Drug Tip Line 780-968-7212

Emergency - Police/Fire/Ambulance - 9-1-1

Alberta Environment Hot Line

General Area Information
Lake Isle Aquatic Management Society (L.I.A.M.S.)
Link to Website -

Lac Ste. Anne & Lake Isle Water Quality Management Society (LILSA)
Link to Website -

Lac Ste. Anne County (click to view website)
A wide range of recreational facilities are available in the County. Some of the facilities include ice arenas, riding arenas, baseball diamonds, creative playgrounds, cross country ski trails, snowmobile trails, just to name a few. You will also find many lakes and rivers suitable for fishing, swimming, boating and great for camping!

Darwell (click to visit site)
Located east of South View on highway 633, offers a library, seniors apartments, school, fire hall, Sunday farmers market (March through December) and the Darwell trading post which offers groceries, gas, post office, restaurant and lounge.

Alberta Beach (click to visit site)
Alberta Beach is located east of South View on highway 633 and offers numerous services such as groceries, nice public beach, restaurant, gas, museum, laundromat, churches and car wash.

Onoway (click to visit site)
Located east of South View on highway 633 to highway 43 then north on 43 is the Town of Onoway. Other services available are a medical and dental clinic, drug and grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, automotive and tire shops, lumberyard, flower shop, library, post office, banks (Treasury Branch and CIBC),schools, arena, and veterinary clinic.

Seba Beach (click to visit site)
Offers a summer Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, grocery store, good public beach, restaurants, school, churches, curling, golf course, campground and Senior’s Center with second hand store.

Wabamun (click to visit site)
Offers a wide variety of stores, including a drug store, bus stop, library, marina, Credit Union, Treasury Branch, Sears Catalogue outlet, golf courses, bowling alley, a Provincial Park and churches.

Evansburg (click to visit site)
Located west of South View on highway 16 offering a wide variety of stores and services including a medical clinic, drug store, lumber yard, clothing store, Royal Bank, churches, bakery and grocery store.

Yellowhead Rural Crime Watch (click to read more)

Election Information

Summer Village of South View Municipal Election

Nomination Day - Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Fallis Hall 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Advance Vote (if required) - Friday, June 30, 2017 at Fallis Hall 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Election Day (if required) - Saturday, July 8, 2017 at Fallis Hall 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

(Note:  Fallis Hall is located at 53303 Rand Road 52)

Election Documents

Running for Municipal Office in Alberta - A Candidate's Guide

Local Authorities Elections Act Alberta

Roles & Responsibilities of Officials in a Local Government

Pecuniary Interest for Municipal Councillors

​​​Form 3A - Application for Registration for Notice of Intent to  Become a Candidate for Municipal Office (use Internet Explorer to Open)

Form 3 - Nomination Paper & Candidate's Acceptance (use Internet Explorer to Open)
If you having trouble downloading the Forms 3A and 3, a PDF version can be printed here (click here)

Voter Identification

All electors are required to show identification which contains proof of identity and current residence in order to vote. Your municipality may have other requirements or accept other types of identification. Please check with your municipality for local requirements.

News & Updates

Public Input Requested
The Summer Village of South View is currently part of a 3-component project along with 7 other municipalities.  One component is to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will be a mandatory requirement for all municipalities under the Modernized Municipal Government Act.  The Municipal Development Plan is a primary document that guides the future development and growth of the whole community. The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, administration and all stakeholders.  As a statutory plan required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, the MDP provides direction for Council, administration, developers and builders, property-owners, residents and adjacent municipalities.   

An MDP will address several items, including:

-future land use
-future development
-municipal services 

Part of the process of creating and eventually adopting an MDP includes Public Consultation and Input.  ​Please see links below to engage in this Public Consultation Process:

Project website: 

Coming Soon:
Public Survey for MDP Input

Alberta Invasive Species Update

Encroachments onto Road Right of Ways & Use of Municipal Reserves
It is the responsibility of every property owner to understand and know where their property lines are.  If you are unsure of your property boundaries, it is your responsibility to have your lot surveyed.  If there happens to be items encroaching on Summer Village property they will need to be moved to within your property.

To facilitate park maintenance in the summer months and to ensure safety of all users during the winter months, boat hoists and piers etc. are required to be removed from all park reserve areas to private property.  Failure to do so may result in the Summer Village having the items removed at the owner’s expense.

We thank all residents in advance for your cooperation in this matter!

2016 Christmas Newsletter
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South View - Boat Launch
The Boat Launch in the Summer Village of South View is closed until further notice.  The Summer Village is in the process of obtaining permission from various government departments to extend the launch pad by approximately 21 feet.  As the boat launch currently sits, it is not usable.   We appreciate your patients and understanding as we work to get the launch in better working order. 

Are You Interested in Volunteering or Know Someone Who Is?

The Summer Village is looking for Community-minded Volunteers for the following:
1)  Emergency Response Team
2)  Fire Smart Committee
3)  Wildfire Mitigation Committee

Fire Services
Please be advised that effective January 1st, 2016, the Summer Village of South View will be receiving its Fire Services from North West Fire Rescue instead of from Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services.  

North West Fire Rescue is an Onoway-based industrial fire service which will now be expanding into municipal fire services.

The Summer Village welcomes Dave Ives and his professional team to our municipal services operation.  

There will be no change or disruption in how you obtain a fire services response - you will still dial 9-1-1.

The Summer Village thanks Lac Ste. Anne County and the volunteer members of the County Fire Services for the years of service.

Only regular household waste is to be put into the bins!
Residents are not authorized to dispose of building/construction waste, barbeques, mattresses, bikes etc. into the Summer Village waste bins as these items are to be taken to the Highway 43 Waste Commission Regional Landfill Site located on highway 43 and RR35.  A reminder that grass clippings take up less room if they are removed from bags.  Unauthorized dumping will result in the person dumping being invoiced the cost of one bin lift.

Driveway Windrow Removal
Windrows will be removed from one access on all lots that have a dwelling.  

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers from entering Alberta
If you are bringing a boat and equipment into Alberta from another province or state, make sure to:
  1. Clean
  2. Drain
  3. Dry

If you are using your boat in a number of different waterbodies, be sure to clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment after you leave each waterbody. This is especially important if you boat outside of the province.

For more information or to report something suspicious on your boat or equipment:

  • Call Toll Free: 1 855 336-2628 (BOAT)
Link to Aquatic Invasive Species Website.

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